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Step into the realm of extravagant indulgence and grandeur in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, where the excitement of entertainment intertwines with the pinnacle of impeccable hospitality. Amidst the array of hotels in this vibrant metropolis, there exists a distinguished agency that effortlessly outshines the competition—the paramount authority in the realm of Las Vegas hotels.

This esteemed agency has gained widespread acclaim for its unwavering dedication to perfection, unmatched service, and an impressive collection of prestigious accommodations. It epitomizes the essence of refined hospitality in its purest form. With an unwavering reputation, they have emerged as the definitive resource for discerning travelers in pursuit of the quintessential Las Vegas encounter.

Our Suggestions

When this Lake Como–inspired wonderland opened in 1998, it instantly become the model for the over-the-top Vegas extravaganza resorts that would follow; its fountains remain the biggest free show in town. The Strip icon could have rested on its reputation, but the Bellagio has taken the last couple of years to reinvest in the experience for its guests—not just those who walk in for the spectacle. The Chicago firm The Gettys Group Companies, in partnership with MGM Resorts International Design Group, oversaw a full renovation of all 2,568 guest rooms
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

If you’ve ever seen Cosmopolitan’s provocative ads about being the “right kind of wrong,” you’ll understand who it’s trying to attract—and it’s succeeding. The guests are usually on the younger side of the Strip demographic, with plenty of money to spend on all the great restaurants, cabanas at the pool, and bottle service at Marquee Nightclub. Its rooms are some of the best for entertaining on the Strip (and some of the very few with open-air terraces). In recent years, the Cosmopolitan has focused on upping its offerings for bigger spenders

The Venetian Resort

Just walking into The Venetian lobby feels like taking a trip to the Bel Paese; it’s completely frescoed to its vaulted ceiling, and its centrepiece is a massive gilded sphere held up by four golden women. After having passed a replica of Venice’s campanile and Rialto Bridge, arriving in this basilica-style registration area should feel totally cheesy—and yet, it is so over-the-top and grand, you can’t help but be impressed. The complex is enormous, with more than 7,000 rooms and three million square feet of retail and meeting space spread across the Venetian and Palazzo hotels.

NoMad Las Vegas

NoMad Las Vegas is a hotel within a hotel; specifically, the Park MGM, the completely rethought former Monte Carlo. But unlike some other hotel-in-hotel pairings in Las Vegas, there’s some synchronicity here, since the Sydell Group had a hand in the redesign of the entire property. But while Park MGM is fun and accessible, NoMad is its totally grown-up side. It’s all old-world luxury here, with sexy dark corners and a grand, library-inspired restaurant. When you walk into NoMad, it’s like wandering into some amazing secret hidey-hole. If you thought you were too sophisticated for Las Vegas, you haven’t been here yet. 

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